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Power of Positive Thinking – Amazing Results

I had planned on writing about something else until I came across an article in Sarasota, Florida about a man who played golf with one hand – and has hit 3 holes in one in the last 6 months – what’s even more inspiring – is that he accomplished this at the tender age of 68.

Now I know some of you may not be golfers, and there are those that have probably never picked up a golf club and have no intention of ever doing so. But his story and this newsletter are not about golf.

This week’s newsletter is brought to you by Creating Power – the complete system that teaches you how to achieve your goals by developing the power of your mind and subconscious mind. Get the system that has already helped tens of thousands of people around the world achieve their goals and more.

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Bill Hilsheimer is a perfect example of how the power of positive thinking can lead to a belief that you can achieve anything – no matter what cards you’ve been dealt. This very belief is what allowed him to accomplish such an amazing feat.

Let me explain just why his story is so inspiring. The odds of an amateur golfer hitting one hole in one – (that’s when you take a swing at the ball from the start of the hole and it lands in the cup) are 12,600 to one. Bill has done it three times in the last 6 months – and he’s only playing with his left hand – he lost the use of his right hand when he was 9. That’s amazing and inspiring.

So what makes Bill so different and special?

It’s his attitude and his belief system. Here’s the one thing that Bill said that really stuck out: “No one ever told me that I couldn’t do it”. – You see Bill always believed anything was possible because no one ever told him otherwise.

Unfortunately not all of us were brought up that way. Many of us have been bombarded with negative statements, we have friends, family, acquaintances, teachers, coaches who sometimes tell us what we can’t do – and we believe them because we trust them.

Take a look at Bill – that’s what happens when you believe you can do anything.

So how do you create a belief system that allows you to achieve your goals?

It’s simple. You start re-programming your mind to send the right messages to your subconscious mind. Begin by noting all the negative thoughts that you have – then see if this is what you truly believe.

For example: do you believe it’s easy to do something or do you believe it’s difficult? Do you believe you can do certain things or do you think there are constant challenges and that it won’t be easy? The next step is to create a new belief system that will help you achieve your goals. A negative belief system will only limit your success. Start by focusing on what you want to happen and then create new positive thoughts that reflect your goals and desires.

In the beginning your mind will likely argue with you and tell you that what you are doing is not possible. It’s only because your mind is used to that negative thinking process – keep sending it new positive messages and your mind will start to accept the new possibilities. The more you repeat this process the sooner the mind will get it.

The Creating Power system shows you how to create a new belief system so that you achieve your goals and begin enjoying life – with Creating Power – you’ll supercharge your subconscious mind and get it to start creating new and wonderful opportunities for you.

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Stay Inspired

The next thing you can do is stay inspired. Look at what other people just like Bill Hilsheimer are doing and then apply their techniques into your own life. Bill lost his the use of his arm when he was 9 years old – yet he went on to play football, baseball basketball in High School, he took up golf at 16 but only began to play more frequently after recently retiring.

While you have goals in mind – your focus should be on the process. Bill didn’t worry about what other people thought, or if he would be successful – he simply enjoyed the process – and thus was able to accomplish his goals.

When you enjoy the process you stay inspired – you learn from every new day – you simply take what you learn and you build on it. You don’t worry about the end result, you don’t worry about what others may think, you don’t worry about whether you’ve reached your goal or not – you stay on course by staying inspired – and you do that by enjoying the process each day.

I have thousands of students around the world working with my Creating Power system and those that get the most out of it are those that enjoy the process. They don’t worry about the results – they enjoy training their mind – knowing that they are directing their subconscious mind to create new situations. With each new day they observe the small successes and continue enjoying the process – before they know it they’re well on their way to achieving their goals. Feed your mind new information and you’ll start to enjoy the process. As you do this you create a new habit of thinking and that’s how you begin creating new opportunities in your life.

When you work with the Creating Power system you begin removing the negative thoughts in the first week and at the same time you begin creating new Positive Thinking habits. These new habits become beliefs – which are picked up by the subconscious mind – which then goes out and creates new opportunities based on your new beliefs. With Creating Power you learn how to create a new belief system and begin achieving all your goals.

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Beat the Odds

Never believe the odds are against you. There will be countless people telling you what you can’t do – they only tell you this because that’s their own belief system. How does anybody really know what you can and can’t do? They haven’t lived your life? They don’t know what you can’t or can’t do? So how can they set the odds for or against you? They can’t. Only you decide what is and is not possible – and as far as I’m concerned – everything is possible. Just look at what Bill Hilsheimer did and what he continues to do everyday.

If you were in his position would you have the same belief system? If you said no – then ask yourself why not? Chances are you have both arms functioning – do you believe you can go out and hit a hole in one? If you think Bill was playing on an easy golf course think again. Here’s what, Robby Robertson, the owner, of the course says about the very hole where Bill hit his most recent hole in one: “It’s not even easy to hit the green on that hole… I’ve never seen anything like what Bill has done.” Robertson witnessed the hole in one – which took place on the 13th hole of the Bird Bay Executive Golf Course in Venice, Florida.

Bill didn’t care that the odds were stacked against him when he went out on the course. He didn’t care that the odds were stacked against him when he played high school sports. Chances are if he did care he may not have accomplished and of his feats and he wouldn’t be an inspiration.

The best way to beat the odds is to not pay attention to them – as far as I’m concerned they don’t exist when it comes to your life and determining what you can or cannot do. So think about what you want next in life – focus on the next step – don’t worry about the end result – you can keep that in the back of your mind – focus on what is going on now – ignore the odds and enjoy the process.

These are some of the things you’ll learn with my Creating Power system. It teaches you how to train you how to focus on what you want, how to create that new belief system while eliminating that negative thought pattern that just makes life miserable. Start believing in yourself and start achieving your goals today.

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Let Bill Be An Inspiration

Keep Bill’s accomplishment in the back of your mind – but keep his attitude front and center. It’s not so much what he did that inspires me – it’s his attitude that inspires me. If you can have the same attitude you’ll enjoy life a lot more and you’ll achieve greater success in every aspect of your life.

I know many of you have had setbacks, I know things don’t always go smoothly, and I know you may have lost faith or lost your confidence – but all that is in the past. Begin building your future by creating a new belief system – one that will propel you to greater success while you enjoy life every single day. Don’t get down on yourself, anything truly is possible if you have the right belief system. Once you have that in place – your mind and subconscious mind will create the results you want day in and day out. Start working with the Creating Power system and you’ll begin implementing a new belief system that will allow you to achieve all your goals and more.

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Remember -- you only get one life and one chance. Make the most of it. Stop defeating yourself, stop limiting yourself. Create all the success you want and deserve in life. Let Creating Power teach you how to Create The Life You Want. Start Living Now. To Learn more click here:

Karim Hajee
Creating Power

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Imagine... it's six months from now and you have everything you want. Try to picture it. What would life be like?

Well, you can have everything you want and you won't have to wait 6 months by developing positive thinking patterns while working with more than affirmations.

Sounds too good to be true?

It's not - if you know how to use the power of your mind -- which I am about to show you right now. Learn how to develop a positive thinking pattern using affirmations and much more.

My name is Karim Hajee and over the past 20 years I've been teaching my amazing Creating Power System that has helped thousands of people change their lives in ways they never thought possible. What I am about to tell you here today will change your life forever.

subconscious mind power

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You Have Incredible Powers
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How it works

Here are some of the benefits you'll enjoy in just a few days of working with the Creating Power System!

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  • Eliminate Negative Feelings
  • Take Charge of Your Life
  • Get a Better Job
  • Secure a Promotion
  • Create and alter situations to what you want.

Plus hundreds more benefits - I could go on for pages and pages.

subconscious mind power

subconscious mind power

subconscious mind power

The Creating Power System will create wealth, success, romance, help you lose weight, build self-confidence, develop positive thinking - anything you want. It will also help you find your true calling, give your life meaning and allow you to have inner peace as you accomplish your goals. But in order to get the most out of life you must first understand how your incredible creating powers work. I will show you how to work with your incredible powers personally!

With Creating Power you develop all your powers and I will show you how to do this every step of the way. You will always be able to turn to me for guidance and coaching whenever you need when you work with the Creating Power System.

Some people refer to this as Mind Power. Others call it Spiritual Power while a number of people will tell you it's the Power of your Subconscious Mind - or The Power of Positive Thinking. The truth is - it's ALL of them.

With Creating Power you develop all your powers and I will show you how to do this every step of the way. You will always be able to turn to me for guidance and coaching whenever you want when you work with the Creating Power System.

One of the best ways to create change is by using affirmations that lead to positive thinking. Positive Thinking Affirmations are simple statements that you say to yourself over and over again. Through constant repetition your subconscious mind picks up the message and you start taking action to create change. It's a way of changing behavior to achieve your goal. Affirmations create Positive Thinking which leads to greater change.

But too often people use affirmations that are too long, awkward or difficult to remember. Or they belive in positive thinking but don't really practice it -- they may preach positive thinking but they don't really practice it properly. They say the affirmations once or twice a day and then forget about it. In the end your affirmations have no power. After a while you wonder what happened and say the affirmations didn't work didn't work. Well, they didn't -- because they were the wrong affirmations. You may even say I've tried positive thinking -- but that doesn't work. I'll bet you've tried positive thinking when things aren't going so well -- then said it didn't work. Of course it didn't. You can't use positive thinking when you feel like. Positive thinking has to be a practice -- positive thinking hast to done everyday.

Here's an example. I think Joseph Murphy wrote a terrific book when he penned "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind." He talked about the power of affirmations. But quite frankly his affirmations are too long. Here's an example of one of his affirmations:

"I am one with the infinite riches of my subconscious mind. It is my right to be rich, happy, and successful. I am forever conscious of my true worth. I give of my talents freely, and I am wonderfully blessed financially. It is wonderful."

This is a great affirmation if you can remember it and if you speak that way. Unfortunately 99% of us don't think or speak this way -- and that's what makes any of his affirmations ineffective.

If your affirmations look anything like the one above by Joseph Murphy, if they've been taken from a book or picked up from a screen saver or poster -- they won't work! Because affirmations have to be in your own voice.

Even if you did have the perfect affirmation and you said it a million times -- they will have little impact and will likely create Little Or No CHANGE!!!


Because saying an affirmation is just one simple technique -- only one aspect of the power of your mind that is being put to work. It's only one tool that you can use when developing a positive thinking pattern. If you truly want to get results -- if you truly want to get the most out of positive thinking quickly then you need to use all your powers so that you create the situations you want in life sooner.

Think of it this way. You have a big canoe called Positive Thinking and you have 10 people rowing this canoe called Positive Thinking for you. One of them is called affirmations. To get your Positive Thinking canoe to go in a different direction you tell affirmations to start rowing in your new chosen direction. He agrees. But all the other 9 people are still rowing your Positive Thinking canoe in the other direction. The Positive Thinking canoe isn't going to change direction if only one person (affirmations) rows a different way. The force of the other 9-rowers keeps you going in that same old direction.

When you work with the Creating Power System -- you get all your powers working for you. And you start moving in the direction you want by creating Positive Thinking patterns that will last a lifetime.

You can say affirmations forever -- but if you have any negative thoughts they will counter and eliminate the power of affirmations -- and in the end limit your positive thinking power. In order to give you affirmations any power -- in order to give them any chance to create the change you want -- in order to truly practice positive thinking regularly you have to eliminate the negative thoughts. Once you eliminate the negative thoughts -- you take charge of your life and begin creating massive change -- quickly! That's how we start to develop positive thinking patterns.

Perhaps you've heard or even tried to work with subliminal affirmations. These are usually taped affirmations or the kind that appear on your screen. If you've tried them then you may have experienced some short term positive effects. But in the long term they just didn't do the trick.


Because while your subconscious mind was receiving these positive statements from a tape or software program -- your conscious mind -- which is still filled with negative thoughts -- was sending your subconscious mind negative messages. In effect -- your conscious mind and it's negative thoughts was eliminating all those positive subliminal messages. You destroyed your own positive thinking patterns with negative thoughts that you probably weren't even aware of.

Positive thinking is not just a philosophy -- Positive Thinking is a practice -- something you have to do everyday, over and over again. Affirmations are a great way to start developing positive thinking. But that's just one technique -- to develop a lifetime of Positive Thinking you must use all your powers.

In order to create change you need to take control of your conscious mind and then only can you take charge of your life.

I'll show you the right way to create affirmations and how to get all your inner powers working for you -- so you enjoy Positive Thinking while creating the success and happiness you deserve.

With Creating Power you take charge of your life and create the success and happiness you want and deserve. Creating Power teaches you how to eliminate the negative thoughts and take control of your mind in the very first week -- you'll be amazed at how much power you have in less than 7-days! You'll be on your way to creating a positive thinking pattern that lasts a lifetime.

The Power of Your Mind

Your Mind is an Incredible Power! You have abilities and powers that you're not even aware of. You were born with these powers buyou have never learned how to master them. Instead you go through life trying different things and hoping for the best - but never really getting the most out of your own powers. I'll show you how to master these amazing powers with my unique Creating Power System.

Doctors and scientists now firmly believe that 75% of all sickness and disease starts in the mind. Researchers have also proven that stress, which starts in the mind, is the number one cause of all fatigue and illness. Scientists have also proven that we only use 10% of our mind. The rest is never used properly. That means 10% of our mind is causing 75% of all sickness -- and we don't even know how to use that 10% properly. Imagine what would happen if we used our mind to it's fullest? We would stop getting sick and live healthier, more productive lives. That's what Creating Power does -- it gives you the power to use your mind to its fullest!

Researchers have also proven that people who have a healthy and positive attitude -- or incorporate positive thinking -- live better lives. Why? Because they know how to use the power of their mind. Unfortunately most people never get their mind working for them. Instead, they get their mind to work against them -- creating things they don't want. Then they wonder why positive thinking doesn't work. The truth is they were never practicing positive thinking.

Your mind creates everything in your life. This includes the good and the bad. The only reason you're not getting the most out of life is because you don't know how to use the power of your mind to create the things you want. Creating Power teaches you how to get your mind working for you so you create the things you want in life -- while eliminating the things you don't want!

I'll show you how a simple 5-minute exercise you can unleash your Mind's amazing power. Most important of all you'll develop your Inner Spirit or Intuition by tapping into the power of your subconscious mind. And you'll generate astounding results in just a few weeks. These are just some of the steps you'll take while developing a positive thinking practice that will create the life you want.

Throughout your life, you have been taught all kinds of things. You were taught how to walk, how to read, how to write, etc. But no one ever taught you how to use the Power of Your Mind No one showed you how to develop your positive thinking power.

Creating Power is the instruction book for your mind and I will teach you how to get the most out of this system. You'll only need to spend 5-minutes a day. You don't have to listen to a tape or CD everyday. You have the power -- I just show you how to use it. And best of all the results are Guaranteed.

Creating Change

If you really want to Create change or improve your life then you must nurture and develop your mind. In order to do this, you need to work with your conscious mind -- which has a direct link to your subconscious. You must learn how to work with both -- so that they work together as a team -- then you will truly create the life you want.

Unfortunately most people think that in order to change their life or grow as a human being all they need to do is set goals, plan things ahead, manage their time better, say an affirmation or two, become more disciplined, work with a daily planner and a goal minder, etc., etc., etc. This is completely wrong and will only cause you more grief!

The people who want you to follow such routines are not interested in helping you. They only want you to continue following them so that you become dependent on them. I don't want to do that.

There's an old saying: "Give a man a fish and you can feed him for a day. TEACH him to fish and you feed him for life!"

The Creating Power System TEACHES YOU TO FISH so that you never depend on anyone or anything for the rest of your life.

Creating Power makes you unstoppable in life and in business, gives you clarity and vision and let's you live your dreams as you complete your greatest ambitions.

With Creating Power you'll quiet your mind and develop your instincts -- or intuition -- while eliminating stress and enjoying greater fulfillment in every aspect of your life. You will accomplish goals you never dreamed possible. And as you start developing your positive thinking power

I will personally teach you how to master these powers in my Creating Power System - the only complete program that gives you the power to change your life, includes Personal Coaching and is guaranteed to help you accomplish your goals.

With Creating Power your daily life becomes simple and easy - stress, worry and anxiety disappear within days. You begin creating events you thought would never happen. With Creating Power you'll understand the principles of the subconscious, positive thinking, affirmations and why short term tapes or subliminal programs don't work.

Creating Success

Nothing Attracts Success
Like Success
--John Kehoe, Author - Mind Power

When you have success you have passion - when these two elements are in place you'll continue to fuel your success and eliminate obstacles.

But before you have success you need to have opportunity. With Creating Power you will create incredible opportunities and understand which of these opportunities are best for you. The confusion and indecision are eliminated.

With Creating Power you'll create success after success --Creating a wonderful future as you continually enjoy better things in your life. You'll have that positive thinking pattern that the most successful people in the world utilize everyday.

Now I know some of you may say this sounds too good to be true. So before I go any further, let me share a story with you - one that will give you an example of how a person used this very Creating Power System and turned her life around. I'm not talking about just creating a few good things. But being able to turn her life around completely -180-degrees.

On a winter afternoon a few years ago, a very close friend, whom I'll call Amanda, told me something very important as we walked through Central Park. She said she wanted to accomplish two major goals in her life. Amanda wanted to change her stress filled job. She was on a terrible shift surrounded by angry and negative people who didn't care for her and destroyed her self-esteem. But the money was good - so Amanda stuck with it - despite always being tired and never having enough time for herself. Amanda also wanted to get married. She was getting older and wanted to be in a life long relationship - not just to anyone - but to someone who really cared about her and made her the center of his life. I told Amanda that everything she wanted was possible and explained that all she had to do was develop her power - which was much easier than she thought. Amanda didn't believe me. After a long discussion I convinced her to try my Creating Power System. Amanda remained skeptical and told me that she had tried everything including astrology, psychics, self-help programs and even counseling. None of them worked. Although skeptical at first, she agreed to try the system. She started to get new job leads within the first 2 weeks!!
subconscious mind power

Within a month Amanda started dating a terrific guy. Another month passed and she had her new job making even more money than she was before. After 6 months she was engaged and is now married. They just bought a new home in a terrific neighborhood.

How did Amanda do it? She used the Creating Power System which unlocked her own Creating Power.
If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.
If you can dream it, you can become it.
--William Arthur Ward.

Amanda learned a valuable lesson that she also needed guidance and coaching while she learned to master her new powers and develop a positive thinking pattern that would create success for here everyday. You need to have someone who can explain how to develop and master your Mind Power and explain how and why they work! It's not enough to listen to tapes and read books. It's not enough to simply talk about things on your mind. You need to Create a new way of living and get valuable guidance as you develop your inner power and positive thinking abilities. That's what Creating Power gives you - it gives you the Power to Create Your own life! With Creating Power you get my personal coaching services and guidance as you develop your own powers. I will show you how to do this every step of the way. When you're done working with me -- you'll know how to use your powers at will for the rest of your life!

Why Creating Power Works

There are hundreds of books, courses, personal coaches, software programs, subliminal tapes and short-term solutions out there that promise to change your life. But none of them work because they don't teach you how and why you create your own circumstances. They don't teach you how to create a positive thinking pattern that unleashes the power of your subconscious mind. A software program on your computer may promise to create change - but that's not going to happen until you learn to take control of your mind and develop your own powers.

You can buy a book on Positive Thinking or on the Subconscious Mind - but by the time you're finished reading it you've forgotten most of the information. And unless you go back to that book everyday - you're not going to create any long-term change. You can listen to tapes over and over and over again - but after a while you'll stop and you won't get the change you want. Why does this happen? Because your mind plays tricks on you - that's right - it deceives you. It convinces you to stop trying to create change because it's happy in its misery. But you're not! In order to change your life you need to take control of your mind right now - and no book, software, CD or tape alone is going to do the trick. Creating Power shows you how to take control of your mind so that it starts working for you -- immediately! And I will be there to point out when your mind is deceiving you and when it is playing tricks on you.

Creating Power Gives You The Power.

Stop knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right way to improve your life on your own or spending years trying to find the right technique that will work. Stop spending a fortune on a personal coach, books, useless CD's, tapes and software. Now You Can Have It All With
subconscious mind power

Creating Power

At last! The perfect system that teaches you how to master your own powers so that you create the life you want! Once you work with Creating Power you're set for life - With Guaranteed Results! (More about that later.)


Here's what students from all over the world are saying about the Incredible Creating Power system:

"I just wanted to get a new job and meet someone I could spend some time with. Your course was so simple and easy to follow I could hardly believe it. Well, I got the job in the first week. The relationship started in the 4th week and is still going."
--Mary T, New York, New York.

"I always knew there was more to life, there simply had to be. You showed me just how much I had been missing. Thanks to you I'm more positive, I've taken control of the negative thoughts and stopped the negative behavior. Your system really works!"
--John, San Antonio, TX.

"Thanks to you I took control of my life, got my kids in a good school and am now climbing out of debt. I'm also saving and for the first time in my life my finances are improving. Your techniques are simple and effective. I just wish more people would follow your system."
--Anna J., Tampa, Florida

"When I started working with you in November I wanted to get married and change my job. I just thought I'd tell you that I just got married this month and have been at a new job since late January. A year ago I didn't think this was possible. Everybody should follow your system."
--Emily, Chicago.
PS: I'll let you know when the kids arrive.

"I simply wanted to get control of my finances and make more money. Your system helped me accomplish much more than I expected. I've finally got my finances in order and am climbing out of debt. Life is much more pleasant now. Even my friends and coworkers have noticed a difference."
--Paul A., Los Angeles.

"I really wanted to stop being so busy so I could spend more time with my family. I also wanted to get my business going in the right direction. I really thought that I could never have both. Thanks to your system I now have more free time with my family. The business is finally going the way I want. "
--Marie S., Syracuse, New York.

"When I started working with you I had to make some difficult decisions. By learning to be positive I created my own powerful affirmations and follow your simple techniques -- now I'm making the right choices and decisions. I have inner peace and no longer have the tension I had everyday."
--Ted., Oregon.

"Since I started working with you 3-months ago I've lost a whole dress size. I'm now at a comfortable weight and best of all I'm not only eating less -- I'm eating better -- all thanks you and your course."
--Andrea, St. Louis, Missouri.

I know you're probably still skeptical, but I can guarantee you one thing: If you leave this site and don't try the Creating Power System you'll keep doing the same things over and over again and you'll only succeed at getting the same results. Nothing will change.

That's why I want you to try Creating Power completely and totally risk-free! (I'll tell you about my unique guarantee in a moment.)

What You Will Learn

Here are just some of the amazing things you'll be doing in the FIRST WEEK:

  • How to tap into your subconscious to create a happy and rewarding life.
  • Follow your true calling.
  • Why most forms of visualization fail and how my simple technique will skyrocket your results.
  • Learn how to quiet your mind and develop your intuition.
  • The right way to meditate - it's so easy you'll wonder why you didn't do it your whole life.
  • How to create the right situation ahead of time - so you always come out ahead.
  • How to attract the right people who will help you accomplish all your goals.
  • How to get rid of the people and situations you don't want - easily and effortlessly without any confrontations.
  • How to turn failure into success and keep building success throughout your life.
  • 3 ways to get rid of negative thinking.
  • How to build a lifetime bond with your spirit, the universe and your subconscious so you're always on the right track.
  • The six laws of thought and the universe that no one will tell you - and why you need to follow them right now!
  • Why any affirmation you picked up in a book or another course is Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! I'll show you the Right way to create and use affirmations so you get instant results!
  • Why simple positive thinking won't get you what you want.
  • How to send the right thoughts to your subconscious so things always work out for you.
  • How 5-minutes a day can change your life! How to get clarity and focus quickly and easily.

These are just a few of the remarkable benefits you'll enjoy in the first week - and there's still much more! What you have just read is a small sampling of what the Creating Power System will do for you. You need this system if you really want to create the life you have always wanted. If you truly want to create success, more wealth, if you want to enjoy healthy relationships and a stress free life then having Creating Power is crucial to your success.

With Creating Power you learn to use ALL your powers. Every one of them begins working for you and you get what you want out of life sooner.

Invest In Yourself

After you sign up I, Karim Hajee, the founder and creator of the Creating Power System, will immediately contact you by e-mail. You'll then get started on the course by working with a set of 7 CDs or 9 Tapes and a complete Daily Journal. You'll use one CD or Tape a week for 4-weeks -- you'll only have to work with each tape or CD once. You'll also recieve a daily program for each week - that can serve as a reminder of what you need to do. Use this 10-15 minute program everyday. At anytime while you're working with the Creating Power System you'll get unlimited personal coaching from me, Karim Hajee. You won't hear from my assistant or anyone else but from me personally whenever you want. Not only will you learn my amazing System but you'll also get the benefit of my 20+ years of experience and my personal attention whenever you want.

Okay, So What's The Cost For This Incredible System?
How much would you spend on a personal coach - perhaps a few thousand dollars for a year of work? And that's not including any materials you may have to buy. Perhaps you would spend a few hundred dollars on books, tapes, CDs and other material that won't help you improve your life? Well, you're not going to pay anything near that. This amazing Creating Power course usually sells for $249. But For a limited time If you order by Midnight Friday July 18th Your investment in your future with the Unique Creating Power System including personal coaching is just $97.

Plus if you Sign up by Midnight Friday July 18th you'll get these incredible additional FREE Bonuses that will improve your life instantly.

Free Bonus Gift #1: Creating Wealth Program: This Program is filled with the most powerful techniques that will help you create an avalanche of wealth in your life. Will you get thousands or millions? That's up to you! I've had people take this course just to get the Program. $39.00 Value

Free Bonus Gift #2: Creating Success Program: You'll discover some of the greatest techniques used by the most successful people in the world. Just try a handful of these secret exercises and watch the new opportunities pop up in your life instantly. I've seen people use these techniques to get a new job or launch a new business - create what you want. $39.00 Value

Free Bonus Gift #3: Creating Romance Program: You'll get all the special tips needed to create the perfect romance. Use this Program to improve every important relationship in your life. With these techniques you'll create a stampede of potential candidates. Attract the right people - it's not just for romance - but use this Program to surround yourself with the kind of people you want in your life. $39.00 Value

Free Bonus Gift #4: 3 Additional months of coaching after you complete the course. You'll get all the coaching you want for an additional 3-MONTHS! People pay me $200 an hour just for coaching. $1400 VALUE!

Free Bonus Gift #5: Building Confidence Program: In this Program you'll get special tips and exercises designed to help you build confidence and increase self esteem so that you always achieve success in any situation. Use this Program to get rid of self-doubt and worry -- while building a stronger self image. $39.00 Value!

Free Bonus Gift #6: Eliminating Fear & Anxiety Program: This program will show you how to eliminate fear and anxiety by taking control of your thoughts and emotions. Learn to eliminate Fear, anxiety and depression by taking control of your mind and start enjoying life. $39.00 Value!

Free Bonus Gift #7: $100 Gift Certificate: This $100 gift certificate is good for any multi-day seminar put on by Karim Hajee at any time. Using this gift certificate is like getting the course for free. $100.00 Value!

Together these free bonuses are worth more than $1500 -- that's 15 Times Your investment in Creating Power- but they're yours absolutely FREE if you sign up Midnight Friday July 18th

This offer is only good until Midnight Friday July 18th After that the the price goes back to $249.

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Remember - you only get one life - there is no second chance. Make the most of this life NOW! It doesn't matter how old you are! It doesn't matter what your situation is. You can still have everything you want in life with the Creating Power System.



Guarantee: Your success in using the Creating Power System is completely guaranteed. Try the Creating Power System, complete it and do the exercises regularly and if within 3-months you do not see any results or improvements then contact us. We'll provide you with an RMA number and give you a prompt and courteous refund (minus shipping). Returned product and packaging must be complete, undamaged and in original condition, otherwise refunds may be prorated or forfeited at Creating Power's discretion. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

Why do we do this? To insure that you're not ordering the course, copying it and sending it back for a refund. Packages without an RMA number will not be accepted and will be returned.

Look at it this way - $97 is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the time and money you're going to waste on ineffective books, tapes, CDs and personal coaching that could cost you a fortune. Are you worth $97? I think you are -- and if you think you're worth $97 -- you'll order Creating Power today! Think of the wonderful life you'll create with this small investment. Once thing is certain -- If you don't try anything then Your Life stays the same and nothing ever gets better. You'll only keep creating the same things over and over again because you don't know how to snap the cycle. That's why...

    You Really Need To Have

    subconscious mind power

    Creating Power

    t's easy to get started right away.


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Get ready to Enjoy the life you want.
Karim Hajee

subconscious mind power
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PS: If you continue doing the same things you'll only continue getting the same results. I am offering you the easiest way to try the Creating Power System so you can see for yourself how easy it is to improve your life significantly and achieve your goals.

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