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The Power of Giving

It seems most people only think about giving during the holiday season - either Thanksgiving, Christmas or other holidays... but we should be focused on giving all the time... There is tremendous power that comes with the act of giving - and I'll explain how this power is created and how it works.

The power of giving comes from a selfless act - where you simply give from your heart. This act of giving is not tied to any special event, holiday or celebration - it is merely a time when you give from the heart because you want to share what you have, show your appreciation and give because you truly care. There should not be any other motive behind it. You don't give so that you can get something in return.

When you give simply from the heart you are saying to the universe, your higher powers and you are also sending out energy that others pick up - this message that you communicate by the selfless act of giving is that you truly care and want to share what you have. You also say that you don't care if you don't get anything in return, you don't care if no one notices or if no one thanks you. After all that's not why you are doing it.

When you do this - the response that you get can be quite overwhelming. It will be as though a thousand hands came to help you even when you didn't ask for help. Things start to fall into place - because those who give from the heart - will get a thousand times the amount that they give

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Remember - I said that you give from the heart. You don't give with the expectation of something in return. You can give with the thought that you are sharing - that you are giving because you have so much. You are giving because you know and trust that you will always have what you want so you can afford to give something even before you receive what you seek.

This mere act of giving from the heart and with the full knowledge that you have plenty and with the trust that you will always have more than enough - creates a bond between you and your higher power, spirit, universe, God or whatever you want to call that part of us that we feel is connected to a higher entity. That bond is a trust - in which you are saying "I know I will always have more than I want so I am now giving something because I want to - fully trusting that I will always have more than what I want - and therefore I can share because I want to."

When you do this the universe or the higher power responds by saying - "ah-ha - ___ believes they have so much that they are already willing to share - let's give him/her some more so that they can continue to share." It really does work that way.

But too often we get caught up in our wants and needs, we get selfish - only focusing on ourselves and our own little problems - which when looked at in terms of the bigger picture are really not that severe. Sure there are some of us who have some serious setbacks that we want to overcome - and I'm not trivializing that or any of your own personal concerns. However, I do think that we need to look at the needs of those of those around us as well - and then ask ourselves what can we do to help make things better. After all - it's our world - if we don't share how can we help each other and how can we overcome our own setbacks. If you don't help your neighbor - and if everybody didn't help their neighbor - how would we ever get things done? There would be no progress because we would all be consumed with our own little world and not take the time to help each other.

Giving is a part of human nature. That's why when we do it we enjoy the process so much. We enjoy seeing the other person smile; we enjoy helping someone else in some small way.

I know that not all of you are in a position to give a great deal, or to buy the ideal present or to spend a lot of money. But you can give your time. You can give something small, you can make a small gesture to the universe and your higher power - that you believe you will always have what you want and more - you believe so much that you're willing to give and share that even before you receive it. This is something I teach in my Creating Power system and in my 7-day e-mail course... where you'll learn how to apply the Power of Giving.

I have an uncle who has done quite well for himself and at age 76 he still runs his company and factory. I remember talking to him recently and he told me about the tough times. He said when he started out he didn't know how things would turn out. But he was always involved in charities and always trying to help those around him. He didn't have a lot of money to give - but he had some time - so he got involved with helping out people in need. Sometimes by getting old clothes from family members to donate, sometimes by collecting tins of food, anything he could do. As he started making some money he would donate a portion to his religious community - he never stopped donating and to this day is still involved in charities. His son who is a very successful doctor - will visit Africa once or twice a year to perform free surgery on those who are need. Both my uncle and his son said they gave because they believed they had so much - and they just wanted to share what they had. There was no other motive. They have been rewarded ten times over - they both live very comfortable lives. I have countless stories that I can share with you about how people who give always get more in return - but the key is that they give without expecting anything - they simply give - knowing and trusting that they will always have more than what they need.

Now we all can't perform free surgery - but we can give a little of our time - since we all have they same amount - surely you can spare an hour or two on the weekends. If you go shopping - buy something small for someone - with the belief that you will always have more than you need. You can even buy something for yourself with that same belief. You can give a small amount to charity - with the complete belief that you will always have more than you need.

If you want to receive love and affection - then give love and affection to those you care about. If you want to make more money - then give a small amount to charity. Give with the belief that you already have so much that you are now willing to share what you are about to receive - don't expect anything in return - just trust that you will get what you seek. This is a very powerful technique and there's no better time to give than during this holiday season... but you really should work with this incredible power all the time.

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