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Complete Mind Power and Subconscious Mind Power training. Learn how to train your mind and direct the power of your subconscious mind by working with your thought, changing beliefs, eliminating negative thinking. This Complete Self Improvement System shows you how to achieve your goals by using your subconscious mind power.

Self Confidence and high self esteem are the key ingredients to your success. Self Confidence and self esteem determine your success. Without self confidence and self esteem -- you'll never accomplish your goals. But -- you are not born with Self Confidence or self esteem.

Self Confidence is a state of mind -- developed and perfected by the most successful people in the world.

Every successful person -- from Bill Gates to Ted Turner will tell you that they only accomplished their goals because they always believed in themselves. They were not born with Self Confidence -- Ted Turner is a classic example. He created the belief in himself never accepting anyone who doubted him. Today he is one of the richest men in the world.

Self Confidence is something you can create and perfect -- just like Bill Gates, Ted Turner or anybody else that you consider successful. In fact if you examined the track record of every successful person -- you'll find that they failed more often then they succeeded. They didn't dwell on their failures. They concentrated on their goals, believed in themselves and pushed ahead.

If You Believe In Yourself
You Can Achieve Anything!

The most successful baseball players have what we call a .300-average. A great baseball player hits .390-.400. In fact .400 is pretty awesome. That means a "successful" baseball player only hits the ball 30-percent of the time. He fails 70-percent of the time. But he doesn't focus on the times he misses. A great hockey player will score 50-goals in a season. That means out of 80+ games he will score in slightly more than half of them!

Successful people are not always successful. But they don't focus on their failures -- and this helps create the self confidence that propels them to greater success.

Friends, I've traveled a long way from home. I'm a man of Indian decent, born in Kenya, grew up in Canada and enjoy a successful career in Television News. I have been an anchor, a Programer, a producer, and am always a public speaker. I have talked to thousands of people with ease. I have delivered the news Live to millions of people. I could not do any of this if I did not have any self confidence or did not believe in myself. In fact when I set out to become a journalist some people thought I was crazy. Why? Because no other person of Indian decent had been on television delivering the news. I was the first in Canada and the first in the United States. I could not have done any of this without self-confidence.

I was not born with self-confidence. My mother will tell you that as a young child I was quite shy and quiet. I remember when I moved to Canada I hardly said anything in school -- during my first year. But I worked with the System my grandmother and mother taught me and propelled myself to a school leader after being in the country for only 3 years. If you want to know more about me read the about section on this web site.

My point is that you can create your own self confidence. If you seriously want to create Self Confidence then you need to change the way your mind focuses on things. You need to teach yourself to create a new way of thinking and develop what I call a success vibration.

How many times have you met someone for the first time and just got the sense that they're successful. Or you see someone and they just give off this feeling of success. You've never exchanged a word with them -- but you just sense that they are successful. You're picking up what I call a "success vibration." You can do the same! Yes you can.

Self Confidence is created -- it is not given to you! This means that you can create Self Confidence to any degree you want!

Creating Power teaches you how to create this "vibration" and best of all you don't have to be successful -- at least not in the way that you think. How does Creating Power do this? It teaches you to work with the power of your mind. If you want to Increase Your Self Confidence then you need Creating Power.

Creating Power is the perfect system that will teach you how to master your own powers - and create the Self-Confidence you want -- with Guaranteed Results!

But don't take my word for it, here's what students from all over the World are saying about the unique Creating Power system:

"Karim I'm finally doing the things I enjoy and I'm standing up for myself. I've been able to get more things done than I ever imagined."
--Yasmin, Bombay

"Your system helped me so much I can't thank you enough. I'm finally going out and meeting people. Best of all -- I'm no longer afraid of saying the wrong thing or saying something stupid. I finally believe in myself and others are starting to notice."
--Samantha, Malaysia.

"After a week of working with your system I started feeling better. By the end of the 4th week I started being more assertive at work. And you know what -- no one shot me down. Like you said -- they just began to accept me." --Thomas, Boston.

The Creating Power System has helped tens of thousands of people accomplish their goals and instantly improve their life. Here are some of the things you'll be able to do within just a few days!

  • Eliminate Stress
  • Create Rewarding Relationships
  • Improve Your Finances
  • Boost Your Creativity
  • Stop Worrying
  • Succeed in Business
  • Enjoy Better Health
  • Increase Self Confidence
  • Meet the Perfect Partner
  • Let go of Negative Feelings
  • Take Charge of Your Life
  • Get a Better Job
  • Secure a Promotion
  • Have Anything You want

I know you're probably still skeptical, but I can guarantee you one thing: If you leave this site and don't try the Creating Power System you'll keep doing the same things over and over again and you'll only succeed at getting the same results. Nothing will change. That's why I want you to try out my proven Creating Power techniques - completely and totally risk-free! (I'll tell you about my unique guarantee in a moment.)

Over the past 20 years the most incredible thing I have learned is that the average person doesn't know how to use the power of their mind. Instead most people live within their limitations believing that things can never get better because they're not fortunate enough. Nonsense! Nothing could be further from the truth.

Your mind is an incredible power. By doing a simple 5-minute exercise you can unleash this amazing power. Most important of all you'll develop your Inner Spirit and Intuition by tapping into the power of your subconscious mind. Plus you'll learn a number of proven techniques that will generate astounding results.

Here are some of the Incredible things you'll learn to do when you work with Creating Power System.

  • How to tap into your subconscious to create a happy and rewarding life.
  • Follow your true calling.
  • Why most forms of visualization fail and how my simple technique will skyrocket your results.
  • Learn how to quiet your mind and develop your intuition.
  • The right way to meditate - it so easy you'll wonder why you didn't do it your whole life.
  • How to create the right situation ahead of time - so you always come out ahead.
  • How to attract the right people who will help you accomplish all your goals.
  • How to get rid of the people and situations you don't want - easily and effortlessly without any confrontations.
  • How to turn failure into success and keep building success throughout your life.
  • 3 ways to get rid of negative thinking.
  • How to build a lifetime bond with your spirit, the universe and your subconscious so you're always on the right track.
  • The six laws of thought and the universe that no one will tell you - and why you need to follow them right now!
  • Why any affirmation you picked up in a book or another course is Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! I'll show you the Right way to create and use affirmations so you get instant results!
  • Why simple positive thinking won't get you what you want.
  • How to send the right thoughts to your subconscious so things always work out for you.
  • How 5-minutes a day can change your life! How to get clarity and focus quickly and easily.

These are just a few of the incredible benefits you'll enjoy in the first week - and there's still much more! What you have just read is a small sampling of what the Creating Power System can do for you. You need this system if you really want to create the life you have always wanted. If you truly want to create success, more wealth, if you want to enjoy healthy relationships and a stress free life then having Creating Power is crucial to your success.

With Creating Power you learn to use ALL your powers. Every one of them begins working for you and you get what you want out of life sooner. There is no other course that gives results so quickly. And best of all - they're with you for life.

Invest In Yourself

After you sign up I, Karim Hajee, the founder and creator of the Creating Power System, will immediately contact you by phone or e-mail. We'll set up a weekly schedule that works for you. You'll then get started on the course by working with a set of CDs or Tapes and a Daily Journal filled with short daily exercises and quick reference tips. You'll use one CD or Tape a week for 4-weeks -- you'll only have to work with each tape or CD once. You'll also recieve a daily program for each week - that can serve as a reminder of what you need to do. Use this 10-15 minute program everyday. At anytime while you're working with the Creating Power System you'll get unlimited personal coaching from me, Karim Hajee. You won't hear from my assistant or anyone else but from me personally whenever you want. Not only will you learn my amazing System but you'll also get the benefit of my 20+ years of experience and my personal attention whenever you want.

Okay, So What's The Cost For This Incredible System?
How much would you spend on a personal coach - perhaps a few thousand dollars for a year of work? And that's not including any materials you may have to buy. Perhaps you would spend a few hundred dollars on books, tapes, CDs and other material that won't help you improve your life? Well, you're not going to pay anything near that. Your investment in your future with the Unique Creating Power System including personal coaching is just $99. But this offer won't last long and is only good until Midnight Friday March 28th After that the offer ends and the price goes back to $249. Save yourself $150! Act now and take advantage of this limited time special offer and Get Creating Power for just $97.


Remember - you only get one life - there is no second chance. Make the most of this life NOW! It doesn't matter how old you are! It doesn't matter what your situation is. You can still have everything you want in life when you follow the Creating Power System.

Sign up by Midnight Friday July 18th and you'll get these incredible additional FREE bonuses that promise to improve your life instantly!

Free Bonus Gift #1: Creating Wealth Program: This special Program is filled with the most powerful techniques that will help you create an avalanche of wealth in your life. Will you get thousands or millions? That's up to you! I've had people take this course just to get the Program. $39.00 Value
Free Bonus Gift #2: Creating Success Program: You'll discover some of the greatest techniques used by the most successful people in the world. Just try a handful of these secret exercises and watch the new opportunities pop up in your life instantly. I've seen people use these techniques to get a new job or launch a new business - create what you want. $39.00 Value
Free Bonus Gift #3: Creating Romance Program: You'll get all the special tips needed to create the perfect romance in your life. Use this Program to improve every important relationship in your life. With these techniques you'll create a stampede of potential candidates. Attract the right people in your life - it's not just for romance - but use this Program to surround yourself with the kind of people you want in your life. $39.00 Value
Free Bonus Gift #4: 3 Additional months of coaching after you complete the course. You'll getall the coaching you want for an additional 3-MONTHS! People pay me $200 an hour just for coaching. $1400 VALUE!

Free Bonus Gift #5: Building Confidence Program: In this Program you'll get special tips and exercises designed to help you build confidence and increase self esteem so that you always achieve success in any situation. Use this Program to get rid of self-doubt and worry -- while building a stronger self image. $39.00 Value!

Free Bonus Gift #6: Eliminating Fear & Anxiety Program: This program will show you how to eliminate fear and anxiety by taking control of your thoughts and emotions. Learn to eliminate Fear, anxiety and depression by taking control of your mind and start enjoying life. $39.00 Value!

Free Bonus Gift #7: $100 Gift Certificate: This $100 gift certificate is good for any multi-day seminar put on by Karim Hajee at any time. Using his gift certificate is like getting the course for free. $100.00 Value!

Together these free bonuses are worth more than $1500 - that's 15 Times More than your investment in the Creating Power System -- but they're all yours absolutely FREE if you sign up Midnight Friday July 18th


Your success in using the Creating Power System is completely guaranteed. Try the Creating Power System, complete it and do the exercises regularly and if within 3-months you do not see any results or improvements then contact us. We'll provide you with an RMA number and give you a prompt and courteous refund (minus shipping). Returned product and packaging must be complete, undamaged and in original condition, otherwise refunds may be prorated or forfeited at Creating Power's discretion. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

Why do we do this? To insure that you're not ordering the course, copying it and sending it back for a refund. Packages without an RMA number will not be accepted and will be returned.

There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me. If you don't get immediate results, if your life does not improve significantly by working with the Creating Power System then I'm the loser, not you.

Look at it this way - $97 is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the time and money you're going to waste on ineffective books, tapes, CDs and personal coaching that could cost you a fortune. If you don't try anything then Your Life stays the same and nothing ever gets better. You'll only keep creating the same things over and over again because you don't know how to snap the cycle. That's why...

You Really Need To Have

subconscious mind power

Creating Power
It's easy to get started right away.


Or you can call toll free: 800-230-8870.
Outside the US
Please Call: 416-227-9665

Get ready to Enjoy the life you want.
Karim Hajee
Creating Power
PS: If you continue doing the same things you'll only continue getting the same results. I am offering you the easiest way to try the Creating Power System so you can see for yourself how easy it is to improve your life significantly and achieve your goals.


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