Mind Power for Athletes

Your mind is always at work, constantly having a thought and thinking of things on
it's own (or so it seems it does it on it's own).

When that happens it shows that you're not actively controlling and directing the
power of your mind. Instead, you simply have your mind on autopilot and so you end
up being controlled by your mind which is often responding to external events.

When that happens you're not actively applying your mind power. You're not even
using mind power because you're not the one in control.

This kind of internal chatter often is filled with useless thoughts, the kind of
thoughts that are meaningless and don't help you achieve any particular outcome.
Many of them will likely work against you.

To find out what's really going on in your head and if you're applying mind power on
any level you should track your thoughts and follow them carefully.

You'll be surprised by what you discover and you'll also discover just how you're
not really applying the full power of your mind.

This constant chatter or self talk really gets in the way and is creates a real
distraction because it doesn't allow you to focus on your goals. How can you when
you're always distracted by negative thoughts or useless thoughts.

By letting your mind run free and not taking control of it you end up giving your
mind the power to do what it chooses. So while you may want to achieve something in
particular, your mind won't let you because it is going in it's own direction. That
direction will likely be opposite to what you want to achieve.

As you track your thoughts and identify what is in your mind you begin to take back
the power and you'll be able to eliminate a lot of what is really junk. You'll also
find that there will be many common themes and many thoughts that are overlapping or very similar.

The next step is to take control and take back the power from your mind and that
means changing those thoughts.

Once you know what you have in your mind you can begin to replace those negative and useless thoughts with thoughts that are empowering and that allow you to succeed.

By doing that you begin to apply your mind power so that you enjoy greater success.
You'll also discover that you'll have greater focus and you'll be able to
concentrate simply because your mind isn't always distracted.

Remember you're mind is always at work. To really tap the power of your mind you
should remove the negative thoughts, and replace the useless and meaningless
thoughts. It's kind of like clearing out junk from a closet that's been neglected
for too long. You've neglected your mind for too long, now clear out the junk and
make some space for positive, empowering thoughts. Once you do that you regain
control of your mind and you being to direct the power of your mind to help you

Mind power is always at work - you're always using the power of your mind. But
often, you'll use your mind power to create more of what you don't want. By taking
control you can use your mind power to create exactly what you want.

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