Mind Power and the Power Of Intention

An intention is a powerful force, it sends a strong message to the subconscious mind and by creating an intention you activate mind power - essentially telling mind power that what you intend must happen.

Creating this intention is crucial to success. While many people will want to achieve certain goals, only those who are truly serious intend on achieving their goals.

When you have this intention you're saying that you will do everything you can to achieve this goal.

The subconscious mind power picks up on this intention and then begins working to help you accomplish that goal. But you also have to help the subconscious mind power and that means you have to start following up with action.

This is where mind power kicks in. The intention is the start now you have to start directing the power of the mind to help you take the right action and do the right things to succeed.

As you focus on doing the right things, you direct the power of the mind and the subconscious mind power to help you discover the right actions - so that you follow up on your intention.

Your intention should always be front and center. You should be regularly thinking about your intentions and your goals - as often as you can.

The more often you do that the quicker you're able to plant the intention on the subconscious mind power. When that happens you have mind power working for you and you'll be able to achieve that goal or fulfill your intention sooner.

Intention is a powerful force and when you work with mind power and the subconscious mind power you'll be able to see the intention become a reality much sooner.

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