Mind Power and Affirmations

Affirmations are a great tool to help create changes. They also work well when working with mind power and the subconscious mind.

For affirmations to be effective they have to become part of your daily thought process. And then they have to be absorbed by the subconscious mind. When that happens mind power begins working with the affirmations, it sees the affirmations as instructions.

The subconscious mind power begins guiding you to the people, situations and circumstances that will reflect your affirmations.

You have to decide on your affirmations and they have to target what you want. If you're affirmations are not properly focused, if they're vague, if they are not positive then the subconscious mind power will create situations that are unclear - so you won't be able to make a choice.

So make sure your affirmations are clear and well focused.

Repeat the affirmations daily. Mind power works with repetition. The subconscious mind picks up what you regularly think.

That's because what you regulary think you eventually beleive.

When you believe your affirmations the subconscious mind power gets to work. You start directing mind power to create what is reflected in your affirmations.

Initially the mind may reject your affirmaitons and if that happens change the affirmations and keep repeating them. But also give yourself reasons to believe the affirmations. Only when you believe your affirmations will mind power begin working to create a life that reflects your affirmations. That's how you begin directing the subconscious mind to create what you want.

Affirmations are an important tool in developing mind power and directing the subconscious mind. There a number of other tools that you can work with and I'll give you all the tools and techniques in my free 7-day Subconcious mind power training e-mail course. And when you register today you'll also get the Mind power training mp3 download - free. Simply fill out the form below

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