Mind Power and Coincidences

You're always creating coincidences. You just don't know that you're creating these coincidences.

You use mind power and the subconscious mind to create these coincidences and when you know how to apply mind power and  how to direct the subconscious mind you can create the coincidences you want.

It's pretty simple. Here's an idea of how it works.

You think about a friend or someone you're close to. A short time later (or sooner) the phone rings and it's them. You surprisingly say that you were just thinking about them. You think - what a coincidence.

It's not coincidence. Mind power connected the two of you by phone. You directed the subconscious mind (unknowingly) to contact your friend. Since the two of you are close, she (unknowingly) got the message and responded by calling you.

That's how mind power works. That's how the subconscious mind works. Mind power and the subconscious mind connect you to the people you are close to and the people that can help you.

What ever you regularly and repeatedly think about mind power will create and the subconscious mind will guide you to the situations to help you make your thoughts a reality.

Now there's a little more to it. You have to trust and let go and that's usually the challenging part. Only when you trust and let go will mind power and the subconscious mind get to work and create the so called coincidence.

Letting go means trusting that things will work out and that even if they don't go the way you want them to - things will work out. It means trusting that mind power is at work and that the subconscious mind will help you get what you want - it just may not happen the way you want it to.

So the next time you experience a little coincidence, think about what you just did - how you used mind power and directed the subconscious mind to create that coincidence. Then apply that process to create another coincidence and see how things turn out. After a while the process becomes easier and you'll be using mind power and directing the subconscious mind to create coincidences all the time.

There are many other ways to develop and use mind power and many more ways to direct the subconscious mind to create more coincidences and help you succeed. I've put together a specail 7-day Subconscious mind power training program that's free - and when you register today you'll get the special mind power mp3 download. All you have to do is fill out the form below

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