Mind Power and Intuition

When you work with mind power you also develop your intuition.

Working with your intuition is crucial to your success but to understand your intuition and to get the right answers you need to work with your mind power in different ways.

Intuition is your good friend, a partner who only wants to help you succeed. It guides you and directs you by responding to your requests.

Those requests are your thoughts and what you focus on - this is how you communicate with your intuition.

Your subconscious mind power receives the message from your mind, your intuition then responds in many different ways.

Sometimes it can be a gut feeling. Other times it may deliver the message through a friend, colleague, partner, radio, newspaper or through a complete stranger.

So it's important to pay attention once you've asked for guidance from your intuition.

Intuition is directly connected to the subconscious mind and it is part of your mind power. You are always receiving guidance from your intuition but you just may not be recognizing the message.

That only happens when there's too much clutter in your head, when there's too many negative thoughts, when you're not focused on what you want and when you're not working with mind power or when you're not actively directing your subconscious mind.

Here's an exercise to help you develop your intuition. Focus on getting something small, or finding something small or insignificant - so if things worked out great, if not, you would be okay. Something like a parking spot. Now tell yourself that you've found it. And let go - by thinking about something else. See what happens.

When done correctly you would be using your mind power and directing your subconscious mind to help you get what you want. You should be able to get what you want within a day or less.

Now there are many other things you can do to develop intuition and work with mind power so that you constantly direct your subconscious mind. I give you all these powerful tools and tips in my 7-day subconscious mind power training e-mail course. And when you register today you'll get my mind power training mp3 download - free. Simply fill out the form below:

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