Attracting Abundance
by Karim Hajee

Your mind power can create the abundance you want. And when you direct your subconscious the right way you'll be able to attract an abundance of what ever you want, when ever you want.

Having said that it's important to note that this process isn't magic. It's not about simply thinking and presto, you have an abundance of money, love, energy, etc.

You have to direct your subconscious and that means you have to take an active role. Working with mind power requires that you practice daily and take the right actions so that you attract and have an abundance of prosperity or what you want.

Your subconscious has the power and the ability to create what you want and yes it can and will create the abundance you want.

To start creating abundance you have to first decide what abundance means to you and  how much you want. Your subconscious mind needs this this kind of specific direction.

Mind power will only work for you and create abundance when you are specific.

Saying you want a lot of something isn't enough. Even saying that you want an abundance of something is still to vague. The subconscious mind cannot respond to this and won't be able to bring you what you want, because you haven't given detailed list of what you want. It really doesn't know what you mean by "a lot" or what you mean by: abundance

So define what you mean by abundance. When you do that you give your mind power a specific direction, you tell your subconscious exactly how much you want and what abundance means to you.

If you want more wealth then you have to get specific and decide exactly how much more you want. When you are focused on exactly what you want, and you regularly think about what you want, then mind power and the subconscious mind will deliver.

An abundance of money could mean having a million dollars it could mean having 100 million dollars. It could mean earning 200-thousand a year. You have to decide what an abundance of money is to you.

Next break that monthly or yearly number down to a smaller more achievable number. When you have a number that is smaller and achievable you will succeed sooner and this success leads to more confidence in the process. So that goal of a few million is now down to a few thousand.

Now that you have that number, start using mind power to create the amount you want. You do this by regularly thinking about making that amount you decided on. When you regularly focus on achieving that goal you direct your subconscious mind to help you achieve it.

If you want an abundance of energy - what does this really mean.

Get specific and define what abundance means to you, then you'll be able to use mind power to help you attract the abundance that you want.

Once you know what abundance means to you the next step is to regularly think of having that abundance and always recognizing the abundance around you. By doing this you condition your mind and subconscious mind to focus on abundance.

If you don't have an abundance of what you want, or if you don't have an abundance of money then you've conditioned your mind and subconscious mind to focus on lack or not having enough of what you want.

This is quite common and most people have their subconscious mind creating more and more lack, or more and more of what they don't want.

Now you want to re-program your subconscious and use mind power to create an abundance, so start seeing abundance all around you and focus on having more than what you need.

As you continually do this you start to believe that you can achieve the goal.

You'll then begin to discover ways to achieve that goal. You'll get opportunities and you'll be attracted to situations and people who will help you achieve that goal. This how mind power works - it does things in the background. Your subconscious is doing all the work but you have to be open minded - that's the only way you'll find the opportunity that allows you to make the money that you want - or have the abundance that you want.

What You Think Is What You Get

The Subconscious mind will attract what you regularly think about. So if you want to use mind power to have abundance, you need to regularly think about having abundance in every area. Then your subconscious mind will begin attracting what you regularly think about.

Your subconscious mind is always working for you. Mind power will always bring you what you regularly think about and believe.

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You are a powerful person. You have tremendous power within you. You can create all the abundance you want when you apply mind power and direct your subconscious mind to create the abundance you want in all areas of your life.

Direct your subconscious everyday to create abundance by seeing and experiencing abundance all around you.